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With almost every business going online today – there is a BIG demand for what works, and what doesn't!

With Spyvio – you are in a unique position to compile months and months of email data from any business of your choice.

And to support you in making ‘MASSIVE’ profits with Spyvio...

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Only on this page, you can get an AGENCY license to Clickvio…

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Inside Your OWN Dashboard

Sell access to Spyvio

You can charge your customers and clients what you like, set them up in the dashboard and give them their very own login details. And there is nothing to Upload, Host, Configure or Support... A Complete 'Done For You' Business.

Sell access to Spyvio directly to your own clients for a one-time or a monthly payment and pocket 100% of the profits. Your clients can collect their own emails and their own ads - all via their unique logins.

Sell Email Writing or Ad Creation Services

Sell Email Copywriting or Ad Creation services to your clients and charge them a monthly recurring fee for the same. Create sub-accountaccess for your clients and do all the work in their personal account.


Turn this into a concierge service and charge HIGH DOLLAR amount!

Create Sub-Account Access For

Team Members

You can use some sub-accounts to give access to your team members to help you manage your new business.

Grow your business faster by adding a few additional hands to your account.

Create & Manage Client Projects

& Campaigns

This makes it simple to manage multiple clients’ accounts at once.

You can even save specific email sequences or ads to come back to or export in the future that relate to a specific client project.

We have made everything point-n-click easy & accessible from right inside your dashboard.

There are thousands of business desperately

looking for your services on…


Partner up with established sellers or start your own gig and start receiving orders for email and ad copywriting!

Upwork Or Freelancer

Plenty of businesses are looking for those with insights into what ads are working. You can apply to their job offer and use Spyvio to help solve their problem

Facebook Groups

You can find email marketing and advertising groups and reach out to see if anyone is looking for best performing emails and ads!

Remember – with Spyvio you’re in a unique position to provide PREMIUM quality emails and ads - all collected for you!

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Get risk-free access below, and we’ll see you inside.

 Choose Your Agency License

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The product itself is unique, it's groundbreaking and people can't buy it quick enough.

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Unlock PREMIUM Agency Rights To Spyvio

  • 100 Sub-Accounts you can sell


  • Keep 100% of Profits Selling Spyvio


  • Each Sub-Account can have 10,000 assets


  • Each Sub-Account can have folders, & the ability to edit and export emails


  • You can sell seats at a one-time or recurring price.


  • Plus Personal License With Same Limits


  • Get Our Emails


  • Get Our VSL Scripts


  • Get Our Landing Pages
  • 1,000 Sub-Accounts you can sell


  • Keep 100% of Profits Selling Spyvio


  • Each Sub-Account can have 25,000 assets


  • Each Sub-Account can have folders, & the ability to edit and export emails


  • You can sell seats at a one-time or recurring price.


  • Plus Personal License With Same Limits


  • Get Our Emails


  • Get Our VSL Scripts


  • Get Our Landing Pages
  • UNLIMITED Sub-Accounts you can sell


  • Keep 100% of Profits Selling Spyvio


  • Each Sub-Account can have 50,000 assets


  • Each Sub-Account can have folders, & the ability to edit and export emails


  • You can sell seats at a one-time or recurring price.


  • Plus Personal License With Same Limits


  • Get Our Emails


  • Get Our VSL Scripts


  • Get Our Landing Pages


  • BONUS: Get our DFY Library with 25,000 Assets
  • BONUS:1 Hour Kickstart Call With Neil Napier
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Powerful Spy Tool That Uncovers Profitable Emails, Ads & Funnels From Your Competitors

Spyvio is the first of its kind email spy tool. That also doubles up to help you collect and store profitable ads and funnels that your competitors are running right now.


Plus, you can also sell this software and keep100% of any sales made - more on that soon.

Spyvio Agency License

Collect & Reverse Engineer Your Competitors’ Best Performing Email Campaigns - Whenever You Want!

Spyvio is our unreleased tool (we have only offered it internally to less than 70 customers). This uber-cool app helps you quietly spy on your competitors.

We’ve been using it internally to fine-tune our emails and literally - learn from the best. Spyvio will help you:

Watch a complete demo of this app in action:

Collect & Store Emails From Any Newsletter

Stealth-Sign Up Without Using Your Personal Email Address

Edit, Save & Export These Emails For Future Use

Send Emails Direct To Your MAILVIO Account [EXCLUSIVE]

Collect & Download Cold Leads From Incoming Emails

Setup Alerts To Get Instant Email Notifications

Collect Ads As You Browse Facebook & Google

Use 1-Click Search To Reverse Engineer ANY Funnel

Separate Emails, Funnels & Ads Using Simple Folder Structure

Get started ASAP With Our DFY Library Filled With with 10,000+ Assets

Use Spyvio to Research and Collect FULL Email Campaigns

Use Spyvio to Collect & Store Ads That Are Trending

Use Spyvio to Reverse Engineer Profitable Funnels Without Spending Any Money

Reveal your competitors' secrets based on actual data - then go top them!

Inspire your own marketing efforts with great copywriting, design & promotions.

Compare your emails, funnels & ads against individual or groups of competitors, and spot opportunities.

Add as many brands as you like and uncover ad, funnel & email strategies of brands you love.

Get inspiration for ads, content marketing and email design.

Follow and learn ad, funnel and email marketing strategies from leading brands.

EXCLUSIVE - Sell Spyvio As Your Own Software -
Charge What You Want, Keep 100%

Go Beyond Spyvio - Sell UNLIMITED Accounts With Your Own Dashboard

Q: What is the minimum price I can sell these licenses at?

The minimum price to sell a Spyvio sub-account is $50. You may not sell these licenses on JVzoo, Warrior+ or Clickbank.

Q: Can I give these licenses away for free?

No, you cannot give these away for free.

Q: Can I give these licenses as a bonus?

Yes, you can do that. As long as the price of the item being sold is over $50, you can add this license as a bonus.

Q: What counts as an asset?

An email collected, an ad collect or a landing page collected counts as an asset. You can delete an asset and it won’t count towards your limit.

Q: Do I get sales material?

Yes - with the unlimited sub-account license, you get the rights to our sales material as well.

Q: I need additional advice and help - can you help?

Absolutely - you can reach out to us at




Sell This Software As Your Own And Keep 100% - Monthly Or One-Time

Create And Sell Unlimited Sub-Accounts For Your Clients

Includes Dedicated Reseller Panel

We Provide All Customer Support To Your Clients

Spy On Your Competitor’s Emails

Spy On Your Competitor’s Facebook Ad Campaigns

Spy On Your Competitor’s Google Ad Campaigns

Spy On Your Competitor’s Funnels

Spyvio Agency - 1000

Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and it’s potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, and don’t apply to the average purchaser. They are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.


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